Opportunities to Stimulate Innovation a consulting service

Through this service, Winston J. Brill, Ph.D. identifies opportunities to stimulate and direct creativity to your organization's innovative needs. Participants assess their Innovative Attitude and compare their scores with those of other groups in the company and/or with anonymous similar groups in other organizations.  Through questionnaires and interviews, Winston will identify practical actions--specific to each individual and group--to strengthen the Innovative Attitude.

After learning about the group's challenges, Winston initiates an Innovation Audit, a reality check.  This is accomplished by mail before he visits.  During and after his visit, each person will determine his or her own ways to overcome obstacles and find new opportunities for achieving goals. They will examine factors such as risk-taking, teamwork, focus, communication, pressures, rewards and dedication.  

Everyone will benefit from, and enjoy, the introspection that's central to this consulting activity. Winston can work with a group of executives and/or middle managers; or he can focus on specific teams, departments, or the entire organization. 

His approach to creativity and innovation is unique and effective.  It is derived, to a great extent, from his own experiences in managing highly recognized innovations in a variety of fields.

Through this service, participants will enjoy both immediate and long-term benefits.  Your company will gain a further competitive edge.


    "Extremely valuable, yielding action items that were immediately implemented." Robert McIvor, Ph.D., General Manager, Cleveland Cliff's Mining

    "The report gave me a valuable opportunity to reflect." Giovanni Gaviraghi, M.D., Ph.D., R&D Director, Glaxo Wellcome

    "Brill's activities, without exception, proved to be worthwhile for everyone who interacted with him." D. G. Morgan, Ph.D., Vice President, SmithKline Beecham

    "Our VP of Technology remarked that your input was one of, if not the, most valuable and revealing experiences he has had since coming on board." Bruce Winkler, Innovation Programs Director, Rayovac

He will tailor his activities to your specific needs and challenges. 

Dr. Brill guarantees that you'll find the experience extremely valuable.

Contact Winston for more information: (425) 898-1077; wbrill@WinstonBrill.com