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Share in Dr. Brill's interest in creativity—beyond the workplace.  He is an avid art collector (museum-quality pieces, from antiquities to antiques to modern; paintings and sculpture), and will rotate, each month, parts of his collection through this site.  

To highlight the importance of an Innovative Attitude, many of his talks include entertaining examples of an artist's inspiration.

Sit back, relax, and let the artist's creativity inspire you.

This glass vase (7 inches high) was made by Fritz Dreisbach in 1986.  Several features make this item especially interesting.  First, it was shaped by handling (rather than blowing) the glass in the molten state.  This style is known as slump glass.  The other feature is that this "crude" object is striped with extremely fine woven glass strands of various colors.  This technique was used, in the latter half of the 1800's, in Venice where some of the most intricate and fine glass goblets were produced.

How about considering the rough with the fine in solving a work problem?


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